Bad Gal RiRi or Should I Say Bad Mama Ri

Bad Gal RiRi or Should I Say Bad Mama Ri
Posted on February 14th, 2023

We are all happy to have seen our girl Rihanna come out of her hiatus and hit that Super Bowl stage. To top it off, we are now in the know of her welcoming baby #2!

However, I have gained some insight from the bad gal herself. Rihanna is the epitome of I’m going to do things MY way! Before her performance, we all saw and heard the chatter of featured artists and how she was going to show up. But let me tell you, she showed up her way, on her terms and we were still all satisfied!

That brings me to us moms on the daily. People can chat and give opinions on what and how we should do and not do as moms. Grant it, some people may come from a genuine place. However, people’s expectations are not your problem. Yes I said it, not your problem. You show up and show out consistently as your best on purpose! Your children are taken care of and loved daily by you. Everyday May not be the same and certainly not perfect, but the job gets done!

Thank you Bad Mama Ri for reminding us we don’t have to live up to other’s expectations! We just have to show up as our best selves in the moment ❤️

“There are no limits to what you can do,there are no limits to who you can become.“ - N.S.D

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